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Hiring Strategies

Hiring can be a joy or a headache, It’s your choice
If hiring or team development inspires thoughts of dread, pain, confusion or
general anxiety. You can change that, very easily.
Expanding your team (or making a replacement hire) is a new opportunity for your business.
You get to challenge your status quo and make a choice for the growth of your team.
Your next hire could be the catalyst you need to push your business to the next level.


It could be a massive disaster that costs you a lot of money and sets your business back.
If given the choice, you would prefer the first option right?
Hiring Strategies are built around your business and your specific needs and goals. 
Your strategy is created by first assessing your challenges, what makes working for you amazing
and where you want to go from here.
Nothing we do is one size fits all, actually no client has ever
built the same plan in the 6 years we’ve been doing this.
We support you with:


Need a little Help? We’ve got your back

Don’t know where to start or what's gone wrong?
We will figure it out and get you back on track.

Set up a complimentary consult with our Hiring Consultant to

bring the joy back into the growing your team
We are a choose your own adventure Recruitment Consulting agency
We believe that you are the expert in your business and we help support your path to growth.
If you’ve ever wanted a GPS for bringing on new employees - Hiring Strategies is it!

  • System Building and Increasing Efficiency

  • Employee Growth Planning

  • Company Culture

  • Business Coaching

  • Recruitment

  • Interviewing

  • Negotiation Support

  • On-boarding

  • Training

  • Employee Guidelines

Contact Us

Emily Pilon is the Founder and CEO of Hiring Strategies based out of Hantsport, Nova Scotia. 


Her passion is creating the ideal system for employers to hire within and to alleviate the stress associated with expanding their team.


Hiring Strategies began as an alternative to traditional recruitment for businesses not just looking to put a person at a desk but the recruiting of the next integral part of the team including  the analysis and strategy behind the process. Emily has worked with employers all over North America finding their ideal hiring plan and coaching them through owning and enjoying the experience of bringing in new talent.


Born and raised in “The Valley” in Nova Scotia, Emily has spent the last decade living all over Canada and travelling the globe with a zeal for culture and cuisine.


Off hours are spent snuggling with her handsome pup Toki,

seeking out the perfect spot for sushi or brunch

and occasionally humming behind her sewing.

Emily Pilon Hiring Consultant

Founder & CEO

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